Happy Tails

  • Rascal

    This is Rascal at the doctor’s office, with his matted fur and fleas when we first rescued him. He was an owner surrender in this condition. Rascal was very neglected, afraid and fear aggressive. He did not accept any affection from humans for months. He’s come a long way to become the happy dog he is today.

    After months of rehabilitation, Rascal was transported to his forever home in Michigan where his new Dad loves him to pieces. 

    “You may rest easy as Rascal is totally comfortable at his new forever home.  I can see why he was so special to you.  What a loving little rascal… perfectly named if I do say so.  Beth and husband Markus were super nice.  What remarkable people.  Rascal is indeed a ball lover.  Played for two hours straight throwing ball.  Had to finally hide it to get him to settle down.  Slept in my bed all night.  Knows when to go outside.  Ate well, loved our first 3/4 mile walk.  Met neighbor dogs and no problems on either side.  Was just fine when I left to go to church this morning.  Found him sound asleep on return.  I have yet to hear him bark.  This is one mellow dog.  I appreciate your excellent record keeping on his vet visits.  That is very helpful.  Both of us could not be happier.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me Rascal.”


  • Scotch


    Scotch was abandoned in a high kill shelter. Why? We will never know as by all counts Scotch is perfect.  He is mellow, loving and cuddly, and those beautiful Bambi-like eyes! Yet he was on euthanasia list to be put down soon. We couldn’t leave him in the shelter to die. Scotch waited for a long time to be adopted. More than a year. Perhaps because he is an ordinary tan and black Chihuahua, which are so many in Southern California. Luckily, a wonderful lady in New Jersey saw him on Adoptapet and fell in love. And Scotch made a trip across the country and was united with his forever Mom. We couldn’t be happier for little baby Scotch, he is loved and pampered as he deserves to be!

    “I really cannot express enough how much I appreciate all you have done to bring us together. Took the time to bring him to me personally, all the way from California, safe and sound. He hasn’t made a peep since he has been here. He is so precious! We cuddled all night and are sending you kisses. Thank you for making this possible!”

  • Teddy

    Teddy came to us in spring of 2019 with his brother Joey. Their real momma got terminal cancer and could no longer care for them. She was progressively getting worse, and Teddy and Joey have not been outside for 2 years, kept in the house with no socialization. We took it slow to help them explore the outside world, meet people and other dogs. They have made great progress, and Teddy has been adopted by a wonderful family in Chicago. He still needs to work a little on his manners, but the family vowed to continue the good work Cheryl had started with him as they couldn’t wait to welcome him into their family. Teddy will live a wonderful life between Chicago and Florida. Something tells us he will be very spoiled! ☺

    And Joey is still available!!

  • Rodney and Rosie

    Both were tied to the door of a vet’s office, in the midst of coyote land, near Norco. Someone was cruel enough to just leave them there, instead of re-homing or even simply taking them to a shelter. It is a miracle they survived the night. The vet found them in the morning and called Act of Love, and of course we couldn’t say no. They we both adopted by amazing families. Rodney has a wonderful life with his Mom and Dad, other canine brothers and sisters and a horse! He is Daddy’s little man. Rosie was adopted by an active retired couple and she gets to travel everywhere in a family motorhome. She also goes on bicycles ride on the beach.
  • Spiderman


    Spiderman was just an ordinary black Chihuahua, almost put down in the shelter for bad kennel cough. We knew he would never survive there, as adorable as he was with those super long skinny legs. After we brought him home, he developed a full-blown pneumonia, and for a long while we didn’t know if he was going make it. Thankfully he pulled through! Spiderman became the gentle and sensitive soul that would always come up to the shy and fearful new comers and invite them to join the pack. He was the mayor of Act of Love household! Spiderman was adopted by a great family who never leaves him behind. His new life is full of adventure! He goes camping, fishing, and boating. He swims in the lake and the pool. And he rides in a jeep. He also has many many Halloween outfits.

  • Other Happy Tails!!

    Jackie O









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